anastasia pipe

Anastasia Ashley

Former Pipeline Womens Pro Winner Anastasia Ashley is considered one of the hottest surfer girls. We know her as one of the best surfers in the world. Ashley is riding bigger and bigger waves as her career goes forward and always is a contender at Pipeline.

DOB: February 10, 1987
Hometown: San Clemente, CA/North Shore, Oahu
Sponsors: Airwalk, Mobli, Rusty Surfboards, Boom Headphones
Stance: Regular

cholos keala

Keala Kennelly

Keala is someone to follow. Her word travels bring her to far off giant wave places. Kennelly is recognized for charging big surf in places like Jaws and has won the XXL awards severl times. When on Oahu she charges Pipeline! Kennelly is an actor, DJ and leads the pack in all she does. Look for her in the tube at the Pipe!

Leah Dawson tube

Leah Dawson

Leah Dawson can do it all. She has won the Pipeline event in longboarding and charges on her shortboards. She is true artist who loves experimenting with board styles and camera angles. A true contender in many areas!

bethany hamilton 06

Bethany Hamilton

This amazing athlete has a spirt and love of GOD that can not waiver. She is a top rated world tour contender and loves the challenge at Pipeline. Hamilton has been at the Pipeline event from the beginning. She is probably the most famous surfer in the World through her number one best selling book and movie, “Soul Surfer” which tells the story of her encounter with a tiger shark in Kauai.